May 28, 2006
Animal Control Officer Denied Zoning for Kennels and Pet Dealer

In a 2-1 vote by the P&Z Board, the Animal Control officer and the owner of the property were denied “special exception” zoning for an animal breeding facility and pet dealership. Some questions brought up were:

Was she going to take in dogs that she picked up as Animal Control officer?


Was she going to take dogs from the Humane Society and adopt them out?


Why was there already a kennel there if there hadn’t been a special exception granted previously? According to the Animal Control officer, this had been discussed at the P&Z office and the entire office was aware of what was going on. It appears the Animal Control officer was entitled to special treatment by the P&Z director and the Code Enforcement officer by being an employee of the P&Z office. No citations have been issued.

There had been rumors that Pit Bulls would be bred at this location. This was denied by the applicant, but we are unsure of what type animals were to be bred. Apparently, exactly what activities were going to be conducted were not presented in writing and made a part of the record.

This issue will come before the BOC on June 5 at their 9:00a.m. meeting. There will be another public hearing at that time with final denial or approval of this requested Special Exception by the Commissioners.


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