Do You Know Who I Am


Sometimes people get in positions of power, either by being elected or by being appointed to their “position of importance.”  Too many times these people think they can do as they please and are above the law.  When someone questions them or speaks to them about something they don’t like, they have a problem with it. 


The Farmers Market sets up each Saturday morning on the square.  The director of the market has worked long and hard to make this “the place to be” on Saturday mornings and to bring people into Monticello.  He also tries to make it a pleasant place by supervising what is going on.  On the 4th of July weekend, when he spoke to someone about watching their language, he soon found out that he didn’t realize “whom he was talking to.”  We have received many accounts from people who witnessed what happened next.  The self-important City Council-person asked the director SEVERAL times, “Do you know who I am?”  You would think of all people, this Council-person would want to present a good image to the outsiders and tourists that visit our town.  We have heard that the Councilor even wanted the police to arrest the Farmers Market Director.  Why all this fuss?  Because the person that was asked to watch their language was the spouse of the Councilor.  This Councilor obviously doesn’t realize that they are NOT above the law or above decency standards, and must have forgotten about the City of Monticello being a “City of Ethics.”  There is no such thing as “serving the people” anymore.  The goal seems to be “serve myself—I am important and I’m going to let you know just WHO I am!”

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