JCWSA Finds Water Source In Jasper County

Oh, remember when the JCWSA members told everyone they had looked at all possible water sources in the County? In fact this has been stated more than once to imply that the TWG and others didn’t know what they were talking about.  Frank Sherill, their engineer, told us all at the public meeting in December, 2003 that there were no viable water sources in Jasper County and our only alternative was to buy into Bear Creek Reservoir (a proposed project with no permit).  During the Bear Creek Reservoir Committee meetings when the subject of wells was brought up by a few of the members, one member in particular raised his voice and told us all how stupid that was and didn’t want to hear about wells again.  Oooppps!  What happened?


The JCWSA has now found water IN Jasper County, and it’s wonderful! Quoting from the Monticello News, “Mr. Pound said that he had learned that when the creek was operating as a water source three years ago it produced 200 gallons per minute for a million gallons a day consistently over three months of usage. “Cedar Creek could be a great resource for water," he said.”  Guess what? Maybe those on the Bear Creek Reservoir Committee that had done some research did know what they were talking about!




The JCWSA meeting also had some lively discussion from four members in particular; in fact, you could say that the comments bordered on slander. It seems that several members don’t like it that the BOC didn’t reappoint the members submitted by the JCWSA board at the last meeting.  Mr. Pound was quoted in the News as saying, “he understood some of the new commission's objectives.”  We recall that the JCWSA members didn’t have a problem with the past BOC appointing members to the Alcovy Shores Water Board that were not the same people recommended by that board.  In fact, if our memory serves us correctly, many felt that the BOC had the right to do so.  They must feel differently now that the shoe is on the other foot.


The BOC is authorized by the legislation organizing the Authority to appoint their members; that is the only way you will ever have any board or authority accountable to the people.  The members of the JCWSA need to remember, it isn’t their private water system.  They have run water lines wherever they felt there could or would be development, not where industry could locate.  They now owe $2.4 million and Mr. Brazil stated in an editorial that they have 200 customers.   There is nothing wrong with new vision—including looking at different areas to provide water to, looking for different water sources (which was not done until a few months ago), and other forward looking ideas; new blood is not always bad.  We need people to serve that are interested in water more than development.  That’s the type of people the BOC should appoint to the JCWSA.

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