Let's Follow The State's Lead And Garnish Employee's Wages That Owe County Property Taxes

Sunday, May 22, 2005, Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Tax man targets state employees

”The Georgia Department of Revenue has started tapping the wages of state employees who are delinquent on their taxes — including two metro Atlanta lawmakers.  State Rep. Ron Sailor (D-Decatur) and state Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) are among the first 32 people on state payroll facing garnishment as part of the department's crackdown on tax delinquents and non-filers.”   ……Since October 2003, the Revenue Department, under Graham's leadership, has been trying to collect more than $1 billion in past-due income, sales and other taxes from an estimated 400,000 companies and individuals.”


If the State can go after its employees that don’t pay State Income Taxes on a timely basis, then why can’t the County go after its employees that don’t pay their property taxes on a timely basis?  The Commissioner’s office alone has 3 people that have delinquent property taxes (as of 5/24/05).

1. Bob Yarbrough, District 5 Commissioner, owes taxes for 2004.  $2,811.60

2. Carl Pennamon, District 1 Commissioner, owes 3 years of back taxes on property owned with his brother Albert.  $2,398.15

3. Sharon Robinson, County Finance Officer, owes 2 years of back taxes on her personal residence.  $428.36


All these people are paid with OUR tax dollars.  We suggest if county employees do not pay their taxes on time, their wages should be garnished until the taxes are paid in full.  We urge the BOC to consider an ordinance or pursue such a plan.

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