October 19, 2006


If you live on a County dirt road and it is rarely or barely maintained, what is your opinion about accepting more roads into county maintenance? If your road is paved but in poor condition, what is your opinion about more roads being maintained by the county? An existing development ordinance regulates new subdivision roads and how they are accepted by the County for maintenance. Following is the proposed new policy for accepting roads into County Maintenance:

Policies for acceptance of roads into the County system (proposed):

Before the County will consider roads for acceptance or dedicated roads for maintenance, either of the following requirements must be met:

40% of the subdivision lots shall be sold and/or

Roads shall have been constructed In accordance with the provisions of the Development Ordinance and shall have been paved for three years.


Road must have been in existence prior to January 1,1989, and removed from the maintenance route by the Board of Commissioners at that time,

Road must have been maintained by County forces prior to January 1, 1989.

Property owners must be willing to donate adequate right-of-way (60 feet road width) for future paving of the road.

Property In the right-of-way must be deeded to the County at the owner’s expense and accepted by the County Commission.

Formal application must be requested from the office of Public Works. Completed applications should be returned to the Public Works Office for further handling.

The property owners shall participate in the initial cost of bringing the road up to County standards. County standards shall be defined as “the condition in which the road was in during the time the County maintained the road, as testified by the Public Works Director.”

The Board of Commissioners will make the final decision on acceptance of the road into the County system.

Under Development Ordinance 806.F.6, “The applicant shall have core tests made to verify the thickness of the street base and asphalt pavement complies with GDOT standards.,.1’ Generally, the Road Department and the Planning and Zoning Department work together and require core samples be taken every 500 feet. This is done in order to ensure that the pavement meets the current requirement of 6” base and 2” asphalt, and the proper compaction. These standards have been adopted to ensure and specify standards that will stand the test of time.

**TWG Note: People we have talked with agree that the property owner, not the county (taxpayers) should solely bear the cost of bringing the road up to County Standards before the road is accepted into the County maintenance system.


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