August 20, 2006

Questions with No Answers from Commissioners or County Manager

During the agenda comments and general comments at BOC meetings, questions are raised and directed to the BOC and County Manager. Individual Commissioners are also questioned outside the meeting setting. Here are some of the more recent questions that have been asked with no answers received.

1. Are the Animal Control officer’s kennels down yet? Do you think the Code Enforcement officer, her supervisor, will do anything about them? The BOC voted against the kennels and pet dealer application over a month ago.

2. How much is it costing the taxpayers to have a deputy stand at the BOC meetings to help the Chairman conduct the meetings? Isn’t the job of the deputy to “Protect and Serve” the public, not to be at the call of the Chairman?

3. How much additional cost is it to the taxpayers if there is an emergency and another deputy has to be called in while the deputy on duty watches over the Commissioners and (maybe) 5 citizens?

4. Why does the Code Enforcement officer drive the county’s 4x4 F250 home everyday, including week-ends? When is the resolution in force addressing county vehicles going to be followed?

5. Why does the Recreation director drive his new truck home? The county manager says “he needs to because he carries things back and forth.” Back and forth to where? There’s only one Recreation Department in the county! Again the County Manager is not enforcing county policy that is in effect and the BOC isn’t either.

6. Why hasn’t the county car been fixed? The County Manager said that “it was only a scraped bumper and there was nothing to fix.” Would he let his car stay that way?

7. How can Commissioners vote on a millage rate and never even look at the department budgets or go over them? Something tells us, there will be unseen problems ahead!

8. The County Manager told the Commissioners that he hadn’t worked on the budget because he was helping the auditors with the audit and had (has) personnel problems. How did the previous County Clerk and ONE other person get out MONTHLY financials, help the auditor, AND prepare the budgets in a timely manner year after year (up through 2001)? There are now 5 people in the office and it can’t be accomplished. Why not?

9. Why would the Chairman ask the County Attorney if there had to be a quorum at the PUBLIC budget hearings? Could it be he would have no answers and no idea of what the budget figures meant?

10. What happened to the public hearings concerning the EMS/Fire Consolidation? The area being served now “on a trial basis” is where THE Chairman and County Manager reside. Is this expensive proposition moving forward serving one particular area while all taxpayers pay for it?

11. And the biggest question of all, what happened to all those campaign promises of open government and listening to the citizens? That has turned out to be a campaign ploy.

We are anxiously waiting the answers!


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