August 23, 2006

Is Chairman Bernard holding Mystery night meetings at the courthouse?

Last night (Tuesday, 8/22/06) a citizen watchdog stumbled onto something worth reporting to citizens.

Following is a summary of what the Citizen Watchdog reported to TWG:

6:45pmAugust 22, 2006--Telephone call conversation


CWD (Citizen Watchdog)Is this the Watchdogs?

TWGYes it is.

CWDWhats going on at the courthouse?

TWGNo idea. Why do you ask?

CWDI was going through the cut through road behind the courthouse to McMichaels and saw Jack Bernard getting out of his truck and going into the courthouse.

TWGWas anyone else there?

CWDWell, a woman with short blonde hair and a man, a pretty tall guy,
got out of the truck with him.

TWGA pretty tall guy?

CWDYeah, he was a big guy with shorts on. Looked like he was kinda
bald on the back.

TWGWhat kind of truck was this?

CWDA burgundy Toyota truck.

TWGWas anyone else at the courthouse?

CWDThere was only one other truck, a small white pickup with a
toolbox on the back.

TWGDid you see anyone else?


TWGThanks for calling and for keeping your eyes open.

CWDYeah, if Bernards involved I know somethings going on.

We dont know if any other commissioners were involved, but none were seen by the CWD. However, because the Commissioners recently spoke about holding meetings away from the public eye so they could "discuss things" it makes us wonder just what was going on.

We appreciate citizens keeping their eyes and ears open and letting us know what is going on. We have our own suspicions as to whom the 2 people were with Chairman Bernard. All this will come out sooner or later, and with the help of all citizens, Chairmans Bernard "special" meetings can be stopped.


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