Magistrate Judge continues to coach and work out of the county while on Jasper County's payroll

Several years ago, after many complaints about Ken Jackson never being in his office, we requested Ken’s time sheets.  Both he and Phil Peevy informed us that Judge Jackson didn’t keep time sheets.  The County just pays Judge Jackson every payday if he works or not. 


Judge Jackson obviously has such a light work load that he has time to work out of the County.  In fact, he has so much extra time (and people covering for him on a daily basis) that he was able to make $54,300 as a Juvenile Defender in 2004.  We have obtained records from the following counties showing how much Ken Jackson was paid outside of the County during 2004:

Morgan County--$3,300             Greene County--  $10,000                      

Jones County--   $6,100             Baldwin County--$16,350

Putnam County--$10,025                       Jasper County--   $8,525


Yes, Jasper County even paid Ken Jackson an additional $8,525 for Juvenile Defense work while paying him $59,000 a year as Magistrate.  This is double-dipping at its finest!  Ken Jackson continues to do all this out-of-the-County work today as well as getting additional checks from Jasper County!  In 2004, Judge Jackson made over $110,000 a year while on the Jasper County time clock.


On top of his “private law practice work” out of the county, Ken Jackson spends many hours coaching in the afternoons.  In August and September, it was Softball.  Now he spends his time coaching Basketball.  On several recent occasions we have witnessed him coaching between 2:15pm and 3:15pm in the gym.  On approximately 10/25/05, WSB-TV was in town and they filmed Judge Jackson practicing basketball.  Judge Jackson freely admitted that he was rarely in the office; yet he and Dan Jordan (Clerk of Courts) contend that all this time is being made up on the week-ends and at night.  Somehow they fail to account for all the time the Deputy Clerk, Angie Nelson, spends signing warrants and taking care of the First Appearances at the jail.  There is no way Ken Jackson can make up for all the time he is out of the office during the week by working on week-ends and at nights.  If Judge Jackson was in town, it is likely he wouldn’t have to make the First Appearances at the jail “after hours.”


The TWG has asked the BOC to cut Ken Jackson’s salary of $59,000, which includes a $20,000 supplement given by the last BOC, by making Judge Jackson certify his hours to the BOC and then get paid for the hours he actually works.  The law states that if he is not a full-time (40 hours per week) Judge, then he can be paid by the hour.  This is what we are asking the BOC to require of the Magistrate Judge, Ken Jackson.  Please call them and encourage them to do so.


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