Landfill Meeting Has Little Interests From Public But Much Information

Basically, the meeting was just that, a meeting and not a public hearing.  However, several people expressed their concerns about funding of the capping of the old Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill, big regional companies coming into small rural counties to establish MSW and C&D landfills, and why all this wasn’t handled in 2003 when there were public hearings.  In 2003 the BOC meeting room was full and every person that attended stated their support for the new C&D landfill.  That wasn’t the answer the BOC wanted to hear, and they failed to follow through with any new permitting. 

The County has until 10/9/05 to get the old landfill capped without further penalties.  They will use the dirt out of trenches that will be dug for new C&D trenches.  By the time the permits are gotten from the State, the trenches should be ready to operate—time line will be around August, 2006.  The landfill is still open for business and you can still take your C&D, white goods, tires, etc. there for disposal.


It was suggested that Revenue Bonds be used to fund the landfill capping.  Mr. Fontaine said that GEFA had already been contacted, and the County could get a loan for 4.2%.  This would save the County the expense of a bond issue, attorney fees, etc.  Mr. Tillman, the County landfill operator, said he felt the County could make money with all the new construction being done in the County.  He explained how things were done in other counties with C&D waste and what our county could do to make the landfill profitable.


Those attending were told that the Solid Waste Plan, Land Use Plan and Map, and the Zoning and Development Ordinances were all good ways to stop big, commercial waste companies from coming into the County to set up a regional landfill.  Oconee, Morgan, and Talliferro have all be approached and denied the requests.  Talliferro commissioners spent the night in jail to protest the judge telling them they HAD to let the Company come in.

Oconee and Morgan still expect legal proceedings.  In Oconee the company wants to put a landfill on BOTH sides of the Apalachee River, and they want people to believe that it won’t affect the water supply.  Jasper County needs to put a plan in place NOW to prevent our county from having a regional landfill.  This was expressed at the meeting and needs to be pursued by our BOC.

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