Tax payers pay Judge Jackson to coach

Taxpayer's Watchdog Group, Inc.

September 9, 2005


The TWG has brought it to your attention, and to the Commissioner’s attention, for several years now that Ken Jackson is double-dipping.  He is getting paid for time he doesn’t work and isn’t even in the office (and many times not even in the county.)  Ken Jackson obviously likes sports.  For the past 2 years he has coached JV Basketball during “regular office hours.”  This year, Ken Jackson is coaching a school JV Softball team.  He conducts practice daily from 2:15pm to 4:00pm.  (Judge Jackson is paid by the taxpayers to be in his office daily from 8AM to 4:30PM.)



practice at 3:00pm on 9/7/05


Ken also attends the softball games since he’s the coach.  You can find him in Macon, Eatonton, Sandersville, or wherever the game is being played.  Coach Jackson also attends the Varsity Softball games and is Assistant Coach for that team.  The first game of the season was August 9th and Coach Jackson showed up in Macon by 4:00pm.


The taxpayers of Jasper County are paying Ken Jackson to be Magistrate Judge while he’s out coaching.  In fact, he probably spends more time coaching or attending games than he does in his office.  If he’s not coaching he’s usually in Putnam, Morgan, Baldwin, or one of the surrounding counties making money “on the side.”


The TWG has asked the BOC for the past 2 years to cut Mr. Jackson’s wages since he works very little for the taxpayers of the County.  We are again asking the BOC to cut Mr. Jackson’s wages, let him be paid only for the hours he works, and save the taxpayers money.  We are tired of Mr. Jackson being able to work out of the county on a regular basis and then spend his afternoons coaching while the people of Jasper County work to pay their property taxes, which in turn pays Mr. Jackson over $60,000 a year. 


We urge you to call your Commissioner and let him know everyone needs to give a day’s work for a day’s pay—in Mr. Jackson’s case an hour’s work for an hour’s pay. 


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