November 8, 2006

BCWSA receives loan contract
Jackson Progress-Argus, 10/25/06, By Stewart Voegtlin

The Jasper County Water and Sewer Authority came before the Butts County Water and Sewer Authority on June 13 to ask for a little help to the tune of $ 15,000. Jasper County’s Authority was on the cusp of engaging a plan that would make it possible to eventually lay pipeline over the bridge at Highway 16 and the Ocmulgee River. The Authority explained that the pipe would eventually be used to carry 16-inch water mains under the bridge’s approach slabs.

Butts County Water and Sewer Authority Board Chairman J.B. White suggested that the two authorities work out a loan for $ 15,000 over three years. The $15,000 would cover debt services for money the Jasper Authority borrowed over the next 20 years to pay for the Highway 16 Bridge project.

Authority General Manager Marcie Seleb received the contract from the Jasper Authority months later with one thing conspicuously absent: interest.

“The contract shows this as an interest-free loan,” said Seleb at the Authority’s October 9 meeting. “No,” said White. “This is not going to be an interest free loan. We will loan them the money, but we won’t give it to them for free. On $15,000 we’re not talking about a whole lot of interest.”

“This is an investment in the future,” said Authority Board Member Mitch McEwen. “Nothing in life is free and I’ve got no problem with a little interest.”
“I’m all for helping them,” said Board Vice Chairman Emerson Burford. “But, I can’t believe that they would think that we would not charge them interest.”

“You didn’t think that they’d show up and say, ‘what’s for supper,’ did you, E.B.?” laughed White. “No, I didn’t,” said Burford.

Seleb sent an e-mail to the Jasper Authority this week, asking that interest equal to what one would pay on a 36 month Certificate of Deposit be added to the loan. There has been no reply from the Jasper Authority.

TWG Note: JCWSA also wants the taxpayer’s of Jasper County to “help” them keep their system going. It should be up to the USERS of the System to pay their own way; not the taxpayers of the county that are not benefiting from the system. JCWSA wants money put into the 2007 budget for “their fire hydrants.”


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