Interim County Manager's job to hire new county manager

Leonard Myers, interim county manager, has been hired at $50 per hour.

After asking further as to how he is paid, we find that he also gets paid $30 per day for travel, and is an employee of the county—meaning the County also picks up his FICA match.  He receives no benefits such as health insurance or pension.  Mr. Myers works approximately 40 hours per week ($2150.00 per week) and will be with Jasper County approximately 3 months. (Estimated cost to the county for 3 months $29,939.) His “main job” is to hire a new, permanent county manager for Jasper County.  Hopefully, he will be successful in hiring someone beneficial to the county--someone that cares about the County and has its best interest at heart and maybe even has some previous management experience.  Jasper County hasn’t had much luck with County Manager’s previously.  We hope things will change for the better.

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