Hospital Audit dhows big profit, but monthly financial consistently show losses

The hospital audit for the year ended 9/30/04 shows that Jasper Memorial Hospital and the Retreat Nursing Home showed a combined profit of almost $800,000.  This amazing turn-around seems to have come from the “cost report adjustments” from the 2004 Medicare Cost Report.  The monthly financials provided by JMH/JHS have consistently shown losses.  For the MONTH of June, 2005, the financials show that JMH had an operating loss of $132,000 (that includes the county infusion of funds of $42,000) while the Retreat had an operating profit of $6,000.


Even though it was discussed at the July BOC meeting, it was never reported in the Monticello News that the salaries of the top 5 people at JMH were obtained through open records (but only after the Attorney General required Mr. Owens to release them).  We have obtained a copy of this letter and posted it on our website.  Go to www.taxdogs.com and click on the 8/8/05 link “Jasper Memorial Hospital Salaries” to see this information for yourself.  (If the size is too small click on the sizing link at the bottom to make the letter full size.)

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