City of Monticello continues to receive grants

The City of Monticello is now in line to receive another $500,000 grant through the Dept of Transportation for sidewalks, lighting and landscaping.  Isn’t that what the City has been doing with 2 previous DOT grants for “Streetscape”?  Information we have obtained says that the City has already received $1.2 million on sidewalks, etc.  Now another $500,000?  As taxpayers, we the people should be sick and tired of our money—either through local taxes or through federal and state taxes returned as “grants”--- being returned to cities and counties that can’t account for the money they’ve previously received. 


Monticello is in debt and has been for quite some time, but yet they are  applying to be a “Signature Community”.  This is another special designation given by the Dept of Community Affairs to cities to help them move from “Good to Great”.  The DCA seems to be much more interested in giving money away than they are seeing where the money actually goes—think “Walter Smith rental houses Grant” and several grants for Funderburg Park.  DCA has never questioned why there is no multi-purpose field or walking trails, even though the grants were given for those specific purposes.  DCA seems to be more interested in “politics” than spending/giving away our money wisely.  You should call Jim Finch at DCA (404) 679-4937 and remind him about all those previous DCA grants that were “used so wisely”—the very reason Monticello should be a “Signature Community”??

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