Garbage Problems Continue and Citizens Need to be heard

People in both the County and the City continue to have problems with the garbage service ďprovidedĒ by Advanced Disposal.  We have heard from many people and have seen the county logs on complaints they receive about garbage.  Garbage isnít picked up on a timely basis; garbage isnít picked up at all; people call and hold on for more than 10 minutes (many times over 20 minutes) and then get promises that are never kept; people leave messages and never get a return call.  After reading the August City Council minutes, it was noted that City residents are also having trouble.  We talked with Mr. King and he said his phone rang off the hook about it, but he didnít keep a log.  (That was September 6.)  This week in the Monticello News, Ms. Billerman is quoted as saying they do keep a log and you can get credit for missed pick-ups!  If you live in the City, donít hesitate to call and report your garbage problems so you can get your $3.00 per week credit if your garbage isnít picked up.


The Advanced Disposal contract is on the BOC meeting agenda this coming Monday night, September 19, at 6:00pm.  If you have had problems, PLEASE come to the meeting and let the commissioners hear about it first hand!  The public is allowed to speak before the meetingómake sure you sign in to speak.  Something needs to be done about this company.  They have broken the contract with the county by not providing the service that we are paying for.  We need a new provider. 

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