EPD Fine's City $6,000 for sewage problems


We’ve heard complaints from many City residents for a long time about the sewage problems in the City.  Sewage running in people’s yards and down the streets; sewage coming up inside people’s houses in their bathtubs, sinks, etc.  Several years ago there was a Water and Sewer Bond that was passed; the bonds were sold and the City got the money.  Where is the money?  The sewer system certainly hasn’t been fixed!  The EPD is fining the City for some of the problems.  Here’s a copy of the “order” the City received; they’ve been fined $6000. 


Facility: City of Monticello sewer system
Location: Jasper County
Order Number: EPD-WQ-4449
Date of Issue: July 11,2005
Cause of Order: Unpermitted discharges/spills to White Oak Creek and Pearson
Requirement(s) of Order:    Comply with all requirements for
sampling/reporting following a major spill as required; take immediate steps
to use adequate erosion and sedimentation control measures to control
sediment from entering state waters in the 25 ft stream buffers where land
disturbing activities are taking place to repair, replace and install main
lines, manholes and lift station; develop map of entire collection system in
order to locate and have access to all of systems' lines and manholes;
submit written inspection/approval report from City's Engineering Consultant
for new lift station; provide written schedule for replacing/repairing all
areas of systems, including any infiltration, and securing manhole covers to
prevent vandalism; submit proper monitoring plan  
Settlement Amount: $6000.00 

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