New County Employees Being Hired

There are several new employees being hired, have been hired, or applications are being taken and looked at.  Here’s what we have found:


4 new employees have been or are going to be hired for Public Works.  Comm. Johnson

has been urging Public Works to get a road crew in place to work on the roads and the roadsides.  Larry Thurman might want to look at the huge water hole on Pitts Chapel Road that stretches more than ˝ way across the road.  He and his “one man” that worked in the City on MLK Dr. should have been in the County working on areas like this.


A new, part-time Animal Control officer has been hired.  We haven’t found if this is to fill in until Kim (the officer who is out on Workers Comp) comes back or if this is permanent.  We can not find where this position was advertised.  We hear that Mike Steele is also on standby for Animal Control.  Hopefully, these calls will be answered in a timely manner now.  There have been MANY complaints about the animal control officer never responding to calls.

Applications have been received for the Code Enforcement Officer that was advertised.  Sources tell us that Ed Westbrook hand delivered the application of his future son-in-law directly to the County Manager.  Both a Code Enforcement Officer and a Planning and Zoning Director need to be hired. 

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