The county is broke-or something like that...

The county’s check register is available for public inspection in the BOC office at anytime thanks to a campaign promise by Comm. Johnson.  Long ago all the checks used to be published in the paper; many people say they’d still like to see that done.  The cost to publish the number of checks written today would be prohibitive.


You many look at the check register and see who, when, and for how much money each check is for.  If you’ve got a question as to what the check was for, you can ask to see the original invoice.  The TWG did just that. 


In September the County spent over $2000 for postage, $4400 for “training and education”, over $2300 for a new desk, chair and computer, and over $7000 for office supplies—which includes buying Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, and bottled water for the office.  All government offices we’ve spoken with (except Jasper County) have a fund where the employees chip in for coffee, etc.  Not here.  The taxpayers get to pick up the tab because no one is supervising or watching what is being spent. 


Another example is check #229030, dated 9/21/05, was written to Leonard Myers (interim county manager) for $33.89.  That doesn’t sound like much, but when the County Manager is already receiving $50 per hour plus $30 per day travel, we wondered what this check was for.  The invoice shows Mr. Myers, Jack Bernard, and Scott Wilson (UGA) ate at the Four Seasons restaurant, and they let the taxpayers pick up the tab.


Lunch is lunch.  It’s not the taxpayer’s place to pick up the tab.  If the County Manager wants to take someone to lunch, he can certainly do so, but he needs to pay for it.  With what we’re paying him, he should certainly be able to afford it.

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