What is "Comp Time"?

At the last BOC meeting, “comp time” for the office staff was questioned.  Vacation and sick leave calculations were also questioned.  How does any employee accumulate “comp time”, vacation days and sick days when they spend so much time out of the office?
When an employee spends half a day talking on their cell phone or having visitors in their office to chat during the day, they should not be getting “comp time” when they stay late to get their work finished.  We consider those late hours as making up for the time that was wasted all day long.  But, this is how employees are accumulating “comp time” in Jasper County. 
When an employee is out of the office to check on their children, attend school events, or rush out to fill up their vehicle with gas, they don’t always clock out.  But when they stay late or come in on the week-end to get their work done because they’ve been gone during regular work hours, they want  “comp time.”
Supervision in the BOC office has been lacking for quite some time.  Commissioner Hill has stated twice that our personnel policies need revising.  The problem is the personnel policies are NOT BEING ENFORCED by the County Manager or the BOC.  Employees come and go as they please without any thought of what needs to be done.  Why not?  If they stay late, they can just get “comp time.” 
Next time you’re in the Courthouse, walk around and see who is in, who is out, who has visitors in their office, and who the visitors are—many times it is other county employees. 
“Comp time” is against county personnel policy.  The taxpayers want and deserve an hour’s work for an hour’s pay—not pay for being out, talking, and goofing off and more pay (“comp time”) for working after hours.



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