Commissioners give raise during Fiscal Crisis

Even though the BOC hired Bernard Fontaine as Special Assistance to Board, they then voted to give Sharon Robinson, county financial officer,  $700 per month extra as “interim County Manager.”  This extra $$ will last until a county manager is hired.  We disagree with this move!  If they just hired a special assistant, this will relieve the office staff of many chores.  If the county is in such a financial bind, giving someone an extra $700 per month is not justified.  If other departments have to cut back, surely the Office Staff can do the same.  That office used to be run by 2 people; there have been 4 for quite some time—until Peevy resigned.  Now there are 4 again, and this raise is just not justified, especially when there seems to be a question as to where we stand financially and if the financial work is up to date.


At the end of meeting Mr. Francis Cason asked Carl Pennamon where he got his financial report that said the county had all that money. He said from Sharon Robinson.  Mr. Cason said he wanted a copy of it.  We’ll be anxious to see just what he gets.  If Mr. Pennamon had all this proof, he would surely still have it now since he wants to make such an issue of it.  We’ll see what happens; we are still going to get copies of the bank reconciliations and publish them on our website. 



Mr. Pennamon was also asked during the comment section why they didn’t put money into the budget for capping the old landfill? There wasn’t really an answer for this.  We do know that Mr. Pennamon has tried to have the landfill shut down for years.

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