Who's Meeting Behind Closed Doors?

The Monticello News has implied on more than one occasion that the BOC is meeting behind closed doors.  Ms. Mudd asked the BOC at their last meeting about going into Executive Session.  The County Attorney and the BOC assured her that they were meeting about ongoing litigation (2 active lawsuits) as well as threatened litigation (we hear Mr.Denby’s zoning).  In this week’s paper in the article entitled “Officials Discuss Sales Ratio”, Ms. Mudd writes, “Supt. Jay Brinson sent a letter to the county on April 29 requesting the meeting. The county has not discussed the sales ratio in open meeting, although a copy would have been sent to the county at the same time as it was sent to the school.”  What is this suppose to mean, that the BOC met behind closed doors?  The sales ratio is the business of the Board of Assessors, and they did meet openly and discuss the problems, and it was reported by the Monticello News on 5/5/05—“ The Board of Assessors handled the meatiest portion of Jasper County's tax business at the top of their agenda Tuesday by preparing for a sales ratio appeal to the Georgia Dept. of Revenue (DOR).”  In fact, it is not the business of the BOC to interfere with the BOA and their office except in extreme circumstances.  The BOA handled the problem, and now the Schools, City, and County must act on the appeal.


If the Monticello News is going to be fair and balanced, then they need to report all violations of closed session.  The hospital board recently met in executive session to discuss health insurance.  This is not a reason under “personnel” to go into executive session, but they were not questioned.  The JCWSA committee that has been meeting with the City to work out the “service contract” has been meeting illegally.  Those meetings were never posted or advertised as required by open meetings laws, yet that was never reported or questioned.  We don’t like Executive Sessions of any type, and especially when there is never any decisions made or any votes taken after coming out of executive session.  Using the excuse of personnel for every executive session gets old, too (it was used extensively by the last BOC).  We want the Monticello News to report what is going on, not to imply something is wrong just to try to make certain people look bad.

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