City and JCWSA Partnership


We have obtained the latest (of about 5 floating around) contract with the City and JCWSA.  This agreement is for 5 years, but it still obtains many of the same problems we outlined previously—such as: 

No dissolution clause.

A committee to over see the performance of the contract

The City to have all operational control of the county water system

No figures as to how the costs will be figured

We continue to be worried about the JCWSA’s ability to pay the upcoming bond payments.

With less than 200 customers, the first couple of year’s payments might be paid because of the “hook up fees”.  But if a lot more customers don’t come on board, it seems it will be close to impossible to make the debt payments.  WHO will pick up the tab then?  Most likely the property owners of this County.


We have also informed Ronnie Payne, City Operations Manager, that the meetings being held

“most every Tuesday” has been in violation of Open Meetings law.  The law says all work sessions and COMMITTEE meetings (any committee of its members created by any authority or commission) must be open to the public and advertised so that the public knows when the meetings will be and where they’ll be.  Brac Pound, Linda Jordan, Roger Bell and Frank Sherrill have been meeting with Tom Berry and Ronnie Payne to work out this “partnership agreement.”


It is very exciting to report that many people attended the City Council meeting to voice their concerns about the agreement; especially with so many unknowns still existing and the fact that it was done in secret.  More people need to attend the City Council meetings and contact the Councilors—Scott Sauls, Bryan Standifer, Otis Clark, Jackie Bell Smith, and Glenn Newsome—with their comments and concerns.

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