City Utility Bill contain many errors


If you get (or are supposed to get) a utility bill from the City, you need to check it closely.  We’ve received many interesting comments about the bills. Some bills were read on a FIFTY (50) day cycle, so that bill is very high.  Then the meter reader came back and read the bill 12 days later, so that bill will be low.  People cannot pay these tremendous bills caused by sporadic meter reading.  This especially puts a hardship on people on fixed incomes.


Also, it has been advised that you watch your GAS portion of your bill.  An example of a problem is that last month someone using 16000 kw was charged $228; this month they used 13,400 kw and were charged $425.  This is obviously wrong, and your bill may be wrong too.  As of 4/14/05, several people had yet to get a bill at all.  We suggest you start reading your own meters around the 20th of each month so you know what you should be charged for and what you are being charged for.  We’ve also been told that people without sewer were charged for it on the last bill.  CHECK YOUR BILL and make sure you understand what you’ve been billed for!


We will remind you that about a year ago the City paid around $40,000 for a new utility billing system.  It was scrapped when Mr. Berry came to town.  Now we are paying to set up another system and there seems to be lot of problems.  Hopefully, the bills will be right and the cost of utilities will come down in the near future.  Thomasville does the utility bills for10 other cities, so things have got to get better—we hope!

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