How did our taxes go up so much, yet the county if broke?

As we told you in our last newsletter, it seems impossible that the county will not be getting A LOT more money in taxes.  Here’s what we have found.


If you just bought your house within the last 2 or 3 years, you got a tax break.

Example:  Your house has a taxable value of $100,000 and your new assessment kept that value at $100,000 since your house was just put on the books in the last couple of years.

Old taxes--$100,000 x 37.xx mils = $3700 tax bill.

New taxes--$100,000 x 27.74 mils = $2774 tax bill.  Savings = $900+


This also happened with vehicles (your tag cost should be lower this year), all property in conservation (we’ll have a separate article on this problem), Public Utilities, and Timber.  So overall, the people with houses that have been here for several years had a terrific tax increase while others had a big tax savings when the millage rate went down.  The total increase to the county was only $103,000 in additional tax revenue.

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