Betty Moon Is Now Deputy County Clerk


It was decided in Executive Session at the 9/19/05 meeting that Betty Moon would again be County Clerk (Deputy Clerk—we don’t know who the clerk is) and would again do the minutes for the County.  There have been several meetings that no minutes were taken by “a person”, but instead the tape recorder was relied upon. In fact a few meetings ago, the recorder was locked in an employee’s office and another recorder had to be found in time for the meeting. The BOC has been warned and even reprimanded by people attending the meeting about having someone to take minutes and the importance of the minutes on more than one occasion.  The TWG has asked for copies of several meeting tapes in the past and were told, “The tapes didn’t work.”  All the warnings and complaints hit home at the 9/19/05 meeting.  The tape stopped at 6:45PM.  Mr. Myers tried to get it to work again, and by 7:10PM he started taking minutes by hand.  All during the agenda item about the Four County Development Authority, Steve Jordan’s presentation, and the BOC comments, there were no minutes being taken and no tape running.  (This is why the TWG tries to have someone at every meeting to take notes and see and hear what really happens.)  Mr. Myers was next on the agenda, so he couldn’t take notes  while he was talking, but at least he did have his own notes about what he said during that part of the meeting.  The BOC was hit again with complaints at the end of the meeting.  We expect better minutes now that Betty Moon will again be in charge of doing them.  Minutes of County meetings aren’t as important for the present as they are for the future when sometimes it is beneficial to see what was decided and/or talked about previously.




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