Mayor writes Commission Chairman about ASWA Resolution

Mayor Holmes wrote Mr. Bernard a letter stating that she and the City werenít notified about the agreement.  She went on to say that they wanted their lawyer to determine if the county could change the agreement.  One City employee has told several people that what the County did was illegal.  (He might want to get his facts straight!)  Any County, City, or other party to the Service  Delivery Strategy can instigate changing the map or agreement anytime they want to. Mr. Roberts did make that clear when the BOC discussed and voted on the resolution.  If the City and/or Mayor didnít know about it, it was their own fault.  This issue was posted and advertised in the Monticello News on the BOC agenda.  The Mayor might need to look for things just like the public has to, to find out what is going on. Based on documentation we have, the Mayor certainly knew about this issue before it was voted on because of conversations she had with the County Attorney beforehand.  Of course, maybe the City wanted this to be an issue before the court hearing, since the City and JCWSA are working

on a mutual agreement.

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