4-8-06 Jasper’s Animal Control Officer—She’s BACK!!

We reported last week that the Animal Control Officer had quit after many complaints about her performance and lack of “people” skills with citizens. We’ve heard rumors all during the week that the Animal Control officer had been hired back and the County Manager had been lobbied continually during the week by the P&Z director who is her boss. Rumor also says she was hired back by the County Manager at an increase in pay! Is the county really so desperate that they hire someone back that resigns and walks off the job?

We are having to report on rumors (apparently with some basis in fact) because we have not been able to get the same response from different commissioners or county offices. The BOC, at a public meeting, needs to address the issues involving Animal Control with a vote. Some things for consideration are:

1. Should the A C Officer be out roaming county roads looking for animals, or should she be answering calls for help and complaints?

2. Should she worry about dogs on people’s private property or should she be worried about dogs roaming residential streets, i.e., Turtle Cove, Rolling Wood Cove, the City of Monticello, and densely populated areas?

Sources have told TWG that animal breeders in Georgia are licensed through the State Department of Agriculture. We understand the Jasper A C Officer has approximately 16 pens behind her residence and she (or someone in her household) apparently breeds dogs. (See Picture) However, TWG could not find her name or address on the State License List. Is she not licensed? Do we want an unlicensed person to represent Jasper County as our A C Officer?

Ok, Commissioners, what’s it going to be? People want you to make a decision, and make it public. What is the procedure going to be? Hire an AC officer to roam our county roads and pick up pets or follow up on complaints? The decision must be made by our BOC because it seems that some county employees need more direction and supervision from the Commissioners rather than just “doing their own thing”!


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