Alcovy Shores Lawsuit

It looks like even though Alcovy Shores proposed a resolution in order to avoid further legal action and save legal fees, the County Attorney did his best to throw a monkey wrench in the deal.  Greg Johnson made the motion that the Jasper County Service Delivery Agreement and Map be amended to end the dispute between ASWA and JCWSA.  The resolution would allow them to share service within this area even though itís in Alcovy Shores 5 mile radius.  However, JCWSA would not be allowed to further its presence in the area but could serve where they have lines now.  A new map would be drawn up to show this and submitted to DCA.  Jim Brown of ASWA said he would rather have their entire area in the 5-mile radius, but felt that the legal wrangling could be stopped to save the county and all involved money.  Dan Roberts said that the BOC can change the map whenever they agreed to it, but brought up something about the City of Monticello needs to be asked and Turtle Cove water system wouldnít be included.  Charles Hill then picked up on this and kept commenting about the City of Monticello who is nowhere near Alcovyís 5-mile radius.  The vote was 3 for, 1 abstain (Hill) and 1 against (Pennamon).  Since that time the City of Shady Dale has agreed with the resolution, but the City of Monticello wonít go along.  Therefore, the court hearing will be held Tuesday, February 15, 2004 at 9:00am.

Mr. Francis Cason asked at the end of meeting why Mr. Hill and Mr. Pennamon werenít concerned about how everyone felt 5 years ago when the map was drawn.  Alcovy Shores was affected then but they werenít consulted, and Mr. Hill and Mr. Pennamon didnít seem to care then.  Now ASWA has to spend legal fees to correct all that.


We keep hearing that the JCWSA board members are saying that the reason they went into ASWA area is because ASWA wasnít expanding.  Our question continues to be, WHY did JCWSA have to go into this small area to start when they had the whole rest of the County to serve?? WHY didnít they go down Highway 142 where all that Industrial Growth they are supposed to bring in would be?  How is it that they say ASWA didnít serve anyone when the growth in the County didnít really start until 2-3 years ago when the past BOC started approving subdivisions one after another?  There wasnít ďall this growthĒ going on that ASWA failed to serve.  No, JCWSA wanted that particular area because they thought that AT&T would be building a big project in that area, but that project fell through.  Now after spending over $4 million dollars, they were only serving 92 customers at the end of November 2004.  This court case should be very interesting to say the least.

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