December 27, 2009

Do revenues matter in a budget?

Watch the following video made in May 2009.  The County Manager is questioned and admits the revenues are overstated in the budget, but did nothing to change it or correct it.  He also admits that the “designated funds” in the revenues have no cash to back them up after explaining to the commissioners it is legal to use that figure.


Now ask yourself, “Why is this county in financial trouble?”  This kind of double talk was acceptable during the last term of commissioners.

How did all this happen? Watch this video made December 7th during the BOC meeting.   Comm. Bernard pleads ignorance.  Comm. Bernard just doesn’t understand how these things happened, and now he says he didn’t want Darlow Maxwell hired.    Comm. Hill sits back in his chair and says little. Comm. Pennamon now has all the answers how things should be done but never brought any of this up during the last few years.  Why not? 


Three of these commissioners were on the board when the BOC overspent $1,000,000, used a reserve of $280,000, and never questioned anything then like,  “What are our revenues?”  “Are we spending more than we are bringing in?” 

We are hoping the new County Manager will actually know how to report what the revenues are and keep expenses under that amount.  The people of this county don’t need more tax increases! 

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