December 7, 2009

Proposed Regional Landfill in Morgan County

Have you traveled Hwy 83 North and seen the “Stop the Landfill” signs from the Jasper County line to Interstate 20?  There is a regional landfill being proposed by some landowners in Morgan County south of Madison.

TWG has learned that in September 2009 there was a town hall meeting held by one of the Morgan County Commissioners.  Over 150 citizens attended to hear about and voice their opinion about the proposed landfill.  All spoke about the potential negative impact on Morgan County.

The landfill would be on 144 acres of a 479 acre tract owned by Jeff and Camille Banks.  It would be located adjacent to County Road 116 and Indian Creek Road, south of Madison.  It would be a regulated and permitted municipal solid waste landfill.

Morgan County residents are strongly opposed for a variety of reasons:

  • Lower property values
  • Increased truck traffic
  • Negative environmental effects
  • Concern about the quality of ground water and groundwater contamination

The owners and the waste management company had a list of a number of zoning variances they requested.  These included:

  • Allowing waste cells to rise at least 250 feet
  • Eliminating fences around cells and the landfill boundary
  • Changing buffer requirements
  • Allowing hours of operating from 3:00AM to 6:00PM

There is a list of approval and permitting tasks that must be completed before the landfill could be granted local approval.  The property owners are applying for a permit with EPD.  

Jasper County could be affected with increased truck traffic on our roads and possible ground water contamination. 

If you want to know more about what the citizens of Morgan County are doing and more about the landfill, the Citizens to Preserve Morgan County, Inc. have developed an informative website--http://www.ctpmc.org/


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