November 20, 2009


 Dan Jordan, Clerk of Courts, brags on his latest blog he’s been to an ethics class.  Based on some of the things he’s been involved in over the past year, it was probably a good idea for him to attend. Of course, it cost the taxpayers over $600, and the problem is Dan Jordan thinks ethics is for everyone else but not for him.

 Since the beginning of the year, Dan Jordan has had a blog of baloney.  It’s a running commentary on anything the BOC does as well as campaign of hate against one commissioner he seems to fear.  His blog contains few facts and mostly fantasy hoping people believe his absurdities.

 Let’s talk about ethics. 

 How ethical is it for the Clerk of Courts to go into the archives and find documents almost 20 years old to try to destroy a political candidate he doesn’t support and to help
e-mail this information to people throughout the county?

How ethical is it for the Clerk of Courts to pay for a wireless card with county funds so he and/or the Chief Magistrate can have internet access wherever they go, including home? 

How ethical is it for the Clerk of Courts to protect and defend the Chief Magistrate’s work in other counties and out of the courthouse during the day while swearing he actually works 40 hours a week.  In reality it’s more like 8 hours a week. 

How ethical is it for the Clerk of Courts to see no problem in the use of a county fax line, office space, computer, and other resources for a private law practice? 

How ethical is it for the Clerk of Courts to declare he will not go along with any cost saving measure voted on or suggested by the BOC?  In fact, he says he’ll do everything he can to keep from saving money.  

How ethical is it for the Clerk of Courts to fill out another political candidate’s ethics reports and turn over money left at the end of the campaign to the Magistrate’s campaign coffers? 

How ethical is it for the Clerk of Courts to make deals with commissioner candidates?  He’ll support them if they reinstate Ken Jackson’s $20,000 supplement and vote against other commissioners? 

Let’s talk about Dan Jordan’s political involvement in other campaigns.  Is it ethical? 

Dan Jordan declared he was no longer a Republican before the last election, but instead ran as an Independent so he could be above the politics (his words) and stay as far away from partisan politics as he could (his words). 

Dan Jordan has been quite active in politics in reality.  

He worked long and hard for both the campaigns of Ken Jackson, Magistrate, and Judge John Lee Parrott, Superior Court Judge.  He worked overtime to defeat Janice Lam who ran against Jackson.  

He also worked for the campaign of Russell Bennett, even sending out mailings to District 4 voters using his own campaign funds and calling voters repeatedly to go vote.   He somehow knew who had voted during the day of the election and called people to remind them to vote before the polls closed.  

He worked to elect Craig Salmon (Dist 4) and sources tell us donated money to that campaign. 

He worked to elect Gene Johnston (Dist 3) and even filled out his campaign reports for him.  He then turned over remaining campaign funds to Ken Jackson’s campaign fund. 

He recently supported and donated to the campaign of Rusty Bullard.  

Dan Jordan now supports Jack Bernard.  Dan has helped Jack obtain documents from 18 year old court files to try to discredit and destroy Chris Batchelor.  People that were sent this information via e-mail are the same ones that get blog updates from Dan Jordan and campaign information from Jack Bernard.  

The Clerk of Courts is on a mission.  Ethics isn’t a consideration.  What citizens should be concerned about is what it will cost them over the next few years.


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