November 18, 2010



Comm. Bernard made his point over and over and over at the meeting Monday night that he did not think the Tax Commissioner, Merry Faulkner, was doing her job.  He said several times that she had failed to collect a million dollars a year and that is the reason the county is in trouble.  He said this would be talked about in executive session.  Comm. Patrick questioned how that could be executive session and Comm. Bernard told her it was pending litigation.  At the end of the meeting Comm. Pennamon made a motion to adjourn and Comm. Patrick agreed.  This was not satisfactory for Comm. Hill, Comm. Bernard, or Comm. Cox who all voted to go into executive session to discuss “pending litigation.”


Watch the Video:



 REMEMBER the public can not say anything about Comm. Bernard (or any BOC member) and what they don’t like about him or what he does.  He has them thrown out of the meeting.  BUT it is OK for Comm. Bernard to bash the Tax Commissioner and even fellow board members.  His intent seems to be to blame everyone and anyone for anything that goes on.



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