November 18, 2009


 At the last BOC meeting Comm. Patrick told the BOC she had found some information on the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank.  She indicated this agency would allow Jasper County to apply for grant money and/or low interest loans to help pay for roads and bridges in need of repair.  She also suggested that at least 2 commissioners if not the entire board go to Atlanta to meet with whoever they could at the GTIB to try to get money for Jasper County.  They all seemed to agree, but no plan to do so was discussed.

Since everyone keeps hearing about Jackson Lake Road maybe this will be a real solution and something will actually be done instead of talk and contracts with no money.

TWG has to ask, and it has been asked by many people, WHY WASN’T JACKSON LAKE ROAD PAVED DURING THE LAST TERM OF COMMISSIONERS?  Here’s some of the real reasons, and they all relate to politics, not the needs of the county: 

  1. $500,000 of paving equipment was bought instead
  2. $500,000 of interior roads in Turtle Cove were paved instead
  3. Other roads besides Jackson Lake Road were chosen to be on SPLOST
  4. Two commissioner’s own roads in Turtle Cover were put on LARP and paved rather than Jackson Lake Rd. 

Jackson Lake Rd is in such bad shape that it is a safety issue.  If the Infrastructure bank doesn’t work out, then the Board of Commissioners needs to meet with DOT in Atlanta and ask for help because of the safety issues.  

Two miles of Jackson Lake Rd have been put on the LARP list by Commissioners Patrick and Payne.  The BOC should meet with DOT in Tennille to secure LARP funding in 2010 for Jackson Lake Road. 

Some say that Jackson Lake Road can be done with SPLOST money, even though it wasn’t on the original SPLOST list.  Others say no way until the first 10 roads are done.  The former County Manager said there would be so much money available that we could do all the 10 original roads and Jackson Lake Rd.  We all know that didn’t happen and hasn’t happened.   He also said Jackson Lake Rd. was in great shape!

 Please listen to the entire video.  Even the lawyers can’t agree.  Click the link to watch the video of 2008 and 2009 opinions about SPLOST roads.  




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