November 11, 2010


 Trouble brewing between the BOC, Tax Commissioner and JCWSA?


There may be some trouble brewing between the BOC, Tax Commissioner and JCWSA over the hydrant tax that has been billed on the tax bill and will be due on 12/20/10.

Comm. Cox is actually pushing to make sure the resolution voted on to allow the JCWSA this special tax is adhered to!!  He has forwarded an email to TWG that he sent to the other commissioners.  He had asked that this issue be put on the agenda for Monday night and it isn’t there. 

Here is part of the email sent by Comm. Cox:

As far as JCWSA, Jarret is not responsible for the maintenance and brush clearing on the hydrants...period. We pay them (that is part of the tax) for the maintenance and brush clearing. If Jarret is going to do this then they need to reimburse his salary for time spent on this task. I made sure the resolution had this wording and I hope they (JCWSA) do not think for one minute that this will just go away. It is certainly not Jarret's job to furnish any certification letter. He is our employee. 


  • BOC votes 3-2 (Cox and Patrick against) to tax property along the JCWSA water lines. 
  • Resolution includes the stipulation that hydrants have to be maintained and there has to be certification that the water pressure is where it should be each year.
  • The tax is for “maintenance” of the fire hydrants.
  • On 8/17/10 TWG reported that the county paid fire fighter, Jarrett Slocumb, was doing the maintenance by weed eating around the hydrants
  • There is no evidence in the JCWSA bookkeeping that the county has ever been reimbursed for this work.



Citizens, the JCWSA is drowning in debt and have recently borrowed another $17,000 from the Bank of Monticello to get them through the year until they can get this special tax money. It is due 12/31/10.  The JCWSA minutes show that “the Tax Commissioner has confirmed that the Authority will have the Fire District check in hand by noon on December 31st”.


JCWSA has also been busy trying to obtain land again in the Cedar Creek area to drill wells for water and meeting with Comm. Pennamon to get his affidavit about the 7/1/02 meeting where a resolution for the fire hydrants was supposedly signed.  If this resolution was discussed and signed it was in CLOSED SESSION AND DONE ILLEGALLY because it is not in the minutes nor was it reported in the paper.    The underhanded deeds of the JCWSA are being exposed slowly but surely.


Comm. Hill has also let the JCWSA know he wanted them to find “suitable replacements” for 2 of its members, even though the BOC is to appoint the members.  Some of the suggestions were Jarrett Slocumb (so he could maintain the hydrants for free?) and Don Kelly, CEO of the Bank of Monticello (wouldn’t that be conflict with all the money owed to the bank by JCWSA?).


TWG appreciates Comm. Cox staying on top of this issue, and we still hope that the entire BOC will make sure the resolution is enforced.  Attend the meeting Monday night 11/15/10 starting at 5PM for the budget and 6PM for the regular meeting.  BOC will be appointing new members to the JCWSA.



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