October 26, 2009


The BOC voted Friday morning to reorganize so they could replace Ed Westbrook, the EMS Director.  It seemed that by doing so the EMT’s that attended were more than just happy.   TWG has attended all the meetings concerning EMS and listened to comments in the meetings and in the hallway during the meetings.  It is no secret that EMT’s acted like they supported their director in public but their talk in the hallway was much different. 

Ed Westbrook is not an EMT, and he’s not a Paramedic.  Most everyone was saying he should have never been over EMS because he wasn’t qualified to know if what was going on was right or wrong.

You can hear what each Commissioner had to say at Friday’s meeting.

Commissioner Hill’s comments:

Commissioner Pennamon’s Comments:

Commissioner Patrick’s Comments:

Comm. Cox had very little to say and it is at the end of Comm. Patrick’s comments on the same video.  He made the motion to change the leadership and let the EMS try to turn things around.  The BOC comments indicated that EMS would have 6 months to do so or the BOC would again consider privatization. 

 The EMT’s and citizens attending seemed to be happy with the BOC vote giving the EMS a chance to fix itself.  Question:  How many of the EMT’s attending the meeting were on duty?  Both ambulances were outside the courthouse and stayed at Station 3 into Friday afternoon.  What would the response time been if there had been a call from Turtle Cove?



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