October 22, 2010


You can read the ordinance at this link:

It only took a week to have an ad in the paper stating the P&Z will take up the issue of the Special Events Permit Ordinance. 

 On  October 28, 2010 beginning at 7:00 pm in the County Annex building, the Planning & Zoning Board will hold a public hearing for review and consideration to accept Chapter 27-Special Event Permit Ordinance- to be added to the Jasper County Code of Ordinances.

As TWG reported recently, this is something which was brought before the BOC without them having asked for such an ordinance.  District 4 commissioner asked how this proposal was initiated and was told that it is something proposed by the Code Enforcement Officer.  This ordinance basically states that if any event is held which will have 20 or more people attending you will have to pay $100.00 for a permit.  This will include any gathering held in your backyard or anywhere else.  The proposal contained other rules such as the person having the event must provide security and cleaning crew.  This means if you have a family get together and you have more than 20 people there you will have to get a permit, have the sheriff’s department or local police on hand and make sure you clean everything up when it is over even if it is in your own yard. 

You can read the ordinance at this link:

It's up to you to voice your opinion about this ordinance.


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