October 21, 2007


Your chance to have a voice about Zoning—Use it!

At the next Planning & Zoning meeting, there will be a public hearing on the Zoning Ordinance Amendments. This meeting will be held Thursday, October 25, 2007, at 7:00PM. If you do not attend this meeting, do not complain when your property is affected by overlays, set back and size restrictions, and other regulations set forth in the Jasper County Zoning Ordinances.

On 10/11/07 there was a P&Z workshop to discuss many of the items being recommended for change. Less than a handful of citizens came out for this workshop to offer input. Decisions are made about your property and the property in your “neighborhood”- how it should be regulated and zoned - whether you come to a meeting or not.

The board members did listen to the concerns and considered the opinions of those that did attend the workshop. They allowed participation in the discussion with them and the planning consultant. They also promised to better inform the public about the role citizens play in the development of land use plans and to better advertise their meetings. This proves that just a few citizens who attend a meeting do make a difference! What if those few citizens had been only developers?

At the workshop the following items were discussed:

  • Residential zoning classifications, square footage required, and lot size required
  • Overlay zones for Ground Water Recharge Areas—how would this affect property owners and their rights?
  • Overlay zones for Scenic Byway Areas—how would this affect property along the Scenic Byway? Would property owners lose their ability to use the front part of their land as they wish?
  • Development Standards—Square footage, Lot area and minimum width, required road frontage, set back requirements for both residential and commercial development
  • Agricultural Residential (AR) District—permitted uses (3 pages of items); Conservation Subdivisions; General regulations included minimum lot area, lot width & depth, maximum lot coverage, maximum structure height, etc.; Density bonus for Conservation subdivisions; Large Lot Residential Subdivisions
  • Architectural standards and controls—what houses in subdivisions will be made of, etc. setting quality standards and visual appeal
  • Standards for Streets in subdivisions—including length, number of houses, etc.
  • Green space and permitted uses of green space

Those items have been recommended for changes and updates.

If you can't imagine attending a P&Z meeting, don’t worry. Those that do attend will be more likely to get their wishes and ideas in the code, and you will find out via future county ordinances what you can and can not do with and on your own property. Again, decisions are made about your property - how it should be regulated and zoned - whether you come to a meeting or not.

Other items on the agenda include rezoning requests—these are also public hearings:

a) Application 2007Z06, applicant/owner Allen McGinnis, to rezone 1.10 acres at 1873 Northeast St from Agricultural to R-4. This location is shown as parcel 123 on tax map M03.
b) Application 2007SB04, applicant Jordan Engineer, owner Dover Realty to request a preliminary plat of subdivision for Fisherman’s Cove Ph.2, 8.42 acres located on Jackson Lake Road. This tract is shown on tax map 31A as parcel 27.
c) Application Planning and Zoning Commission to plan for the zoning ordinance amendment.

To review the Zoning and Development Ordinances you can go to this link:
Look at the very bottom of the page for the files.


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