September 17, 2007


Many in the county have been waiting a life time for their road to be paved.
Promises and talk are all they have gotten in the past, but that may be changing soon.

Commissioners discussed Tier III (Non-SPLOST Unpaved roads) roads at their meeting, Monday, September 10, 2007. They were presented with list and a “comparative” chart of cost to do the projects by the engineering firm.

See chart here: http://www.taxdogs.com/tier3roads.pdf

Following is the list of dirt roads to be paved with the “surplus” the county supposedly has. These roads are the worst ones in the county according to previous presentations by the County Manager to the BOC. It has been stressed by 3 Commissioners that NO POLITICS were involved in picking these roads.

Road Length District Commissioner # houses
Kiwi Ct. .05 mi District 4 Johnson 4
Templeton Cir. .31 mi District 5 Yarbrough 23
Grosbeak Ct. .05 mi District 4 Johnson 3
Partridge Ct. .20 mi District 3 Bernard 12
Bobolink Dr. .28 mi District 3 Bernard 13
Falcon Cir. .48 mi District 3 Bernard 22
Pelican Cir. .80 mi District 3 Bernard 35

**Districts are the “best guess” from District voting maps. Total miles paved 2.17.
Total projected cost per mile $160,806 plus Engineering fees which were not included in
“In House” costs given to Commissioners.

TWG does not question if the roads are good or bad or in need of paving. TWG does question how all the roads being paved lie in the same area.

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