September 9, 2011

does any one need a tv?


Since the landfill is only open 3 days a week now, more junk is being thrown out on the county roads.  TWG has been sent some pictures we want to share with you.

 **Click on picture to enlarge**

Need a TV?  This one is in pretty good shape.  Not a flat screen though.



Or how about a mattress?  It will probably dry out in a few days.



Or maybe some carpet and padding?



All of this has been thrown out since the county manager decided to shut the landfill down and only have it open 3 days a week.  This means public works will have to pick up the junk and take it to the landfill and it means our county will become more trashy.


TWG understands that things have to be cut and money has to be saved, but when certain constitutional officers can overspend year after year after year,  you would think some changes would be made there.


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