August 23, 2010



YOU WANT THE BUDGET CUT?  QUIT TALKING TO THE COMMISSIONERS!  That’s right.  Quit talking to the Commissioners.  You need to talk to the one person that thinks he owns the Courthouse.  The one that is arrogant and defiant and will do anything to prove that he is in control.  This person was elected by YOU!  And not just once or twice, but several times, and each time he is elected he becomes more arrogant and more defiant.


Who is it?  Read his blog!


Dan Jordan, Clerk of Courts, says he is YOUR voice.  He says he is not cutting his budget and he’s going to keep spending.  He says he is going to spend as much as his budget was in 2008.  He says he is not going to take furlough days and that has been confirmed by legal experts.  Who are those experts?  The same ones that speak to Dan and tell him there are no financial problems in Jasper County?  The same ones that tell him it is okay to operate in the red or operate in the black?  The same ones that pat him on the back telling him to keep all those people in his office that sit around and do nothing most of time?


YOU, the taxpayer, are paying more in taxes because of this type of arrogance from Dan Jordan, an elected official.  YOU put him in office and he needs to hear from you.  He says the Commissioners can’t do anything about him or his budget and what he spends, but YOU can.  Dan Jordan makes over $78,000 a year—YOU pay his salary.   You can contact Dan at 706-468-4901 or at dan.jordan@gsccca.org  Tell him to cut his budget if you don’t want to pay more in property taxes.




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