August 13, 2009


At the last BOC meeting the Commissioners came out of Executive Session and said they and the County Manager were parting ways.  Getting rid of the County Manager, was the best thing the BOC has done all year.  TWG will have to disagree with the Comm. Pennamon’s comment that Mr. Williams performance and service to the BOC and the Jasper county citizens had nothing to do with the parting of ways. Jasper County is a total mess due to his not following instructions given to him by the BOC!!  Enough said, glad he is gone and hope the BOC’s new direction for the county will get us out of the mess we are in. But, please answer this question, “Why was Greg Williams in the County Manager’s office at the courthouse last week??  If you agree to get rid of a person, DO IT! 

Other things discussed during the last meeting were trying to get some stimulus money for
Broadband in rural Jasper County and removing private lines in the BOC office. 

During General Comments we heard the same questions by contractor Cummings Grading as we heard during the Town Hall Meeting with Commissioner Mary Patrick and Commissioner Ronnie Payne.  
(See article here http://www.taxdogs.com/080409TownHall.html)  

This contractor doesn’t like it that he didn’t get the bid for Pitts Chapel Road.  Can you say “Sore Loser”?  He plead his case for 20 minutes or more after the meeting with the editor of the local paper, who then went and wrote an editorial about her opinion of the situation. 

TWG and many other citizens attended the 2 meetings in which Larry Kaiser, county engineer, danced around every question the BOC asked him about Pitts Chapel Rd.  He never gave a straight answer for anything that he was asked and many in the crowd talked about the way Mr. Kaiser avoided the questions.  It seems that Mr. Kaiser talked to Cummings Grading and told them he had the bid ahead of the BOC voting on the bids and the contract.  

TWG has urged citizens for years to attend the meetings if you want to know what really goes on and what is really said instead of depending on an editorial for the “news.”  The next meeting is Monday, August 17 at 5:00PM for the work session and 6:00PM for the regular meeting.


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