August 9, 2011



No one seems to know what is going on at the animal control shelter.  Karen Bryant is no longer there.  Why?  Karen was known to do everything possible to save animals and not kill them just to make room for more.  Rumors have it that she has been replaced with a friend of the county manager’s wife and daughter.

When was this position advertised?  No one remembers seeing it in the paper.

When people go to the animal control shelter lately they find it is closed.   Why hasn’t anything been made public about why the shelter is closed and when it will be open again?  Nothing is on the county website and no one seems to know anything.


No one we talk to seems to know what is going on, but Comm. Bernard sent out an email that may explain some of it.  He included pictures that we have not included in this email.  His email says things have been happening since last Monday.  This email has some very good information.


What has happened to the animals that were in the shelter and what will happen to these animals?  The citizens of this county were outraged before when 80% of the animals were being put down.  We don’t want that to happen again. 


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The Jasper County Animal Control Officer was not prepared for the scene she walked into Monday night.  What she found was a total of 88 animals living in squalid conditions.  The animals included exotic birds, horses, cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, chickens, a pony and a pig.  Thus began a three day rescue operation that didn’t need to happen.  The problem was a result of the poor economy when pet owners hold on to animals they no longer have proper facilities to house, nor can they provide proper nutrition or vet care.  The ultimate result is that the small facility and staff of this rural county’s animal control are overwhelmed.  The shelter is designed for 24 dogs and was already at near capacity when 30 more were surrendered in just this one case.  Now the County needs help in the form of volunteers, monetary donations, dog and cat food, but most of all loving homes for these dogs and cats since it cannot shelter this many animals for more than a few more days.

The lesson that needs to come out of this is that before you get into trouble, contact your animal control agency, they have resources that they can put into motion to deal with the problem before it becomes a crisis.  Even a small facility like Jasper County can handle a problem like this before it becomes a crisis, but by the time the complaint hit their desk the problem was out of hand and it required intervention by the State of Georgia, an Exotic Bird Rescue, plus other organizations and individuals to even transport the animals out of the location.  Luckily it looks like most of these animals will survive, but a few weeks more and that might not have been the case.

Jasper County Animal Control is located at 126 Mack Tillman Drive, Monticello, GA 31064 off SR 212.  The phone contact is (706) 468-0396 or email is: jaspercountyanimalcontrol@gmail.com

Jack Bernard



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