August 5, 2010



As reported in the Monticello News what was done at the BOC meeting on Monday—the flat tax and extra tax on the City--was illegal.  So in order to have the millage set, the BOC had to have a Special Called Meeting last night.  There was ONE item on the agenda—set the 2011 Millage Rate.  That did not prevent Comm. Bernard and Comm. Cox from trying to force their flat tax through with another amendment.


Watch the video of the entire meeting here:



Comm. Bernard talks about Roberts Rules of Order at almost every meeting in order to get his way.  When confronted by Comm. Patrick last night to show them all where it was in Roberts Rules of Order, Comm. Bernard wouldn’t (couldn’t?) do so.  He never has back up for anything, including how the flat tax is going to save us money.  We all understand it is going to save Comm. Bernard and Comm. Cox money and most people with a lake lot, but are they the only ones that matter in this county? 


Comm. Bernard says the big land owners in this county aren’t paying their fair share and he’s going to make sure they do.  He also says the 16.01 millage set last night (before rollbacks) is an increase.  If he would listen to Comm. Patrick once in a while and cut the budget instead of pretending that everything is fine and dandy, the millage rate could still be lowered.  It was said over and over in Monday’s meeting that whatever was set could be lowered but not raised and it was best to set it at the rate the Tax Commissioner suggested—16.01 mils.



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