July 27, 2009


After trying to have a letter to the editor published in the Monticello News (signed no less), TWG has decided to write an open letter to the editor. 

 Dear Editor: 

Just how desperate is the Monticello News?  Is it so desperate that any thing about any body will be printed for the price of an ad?  Even an ad that talks about someone that is dead?

You are willing to put a long 3 column editorial with “name withheld by request” about the budget cuts, but didn’t print anything about the actual cuts which were much different and far less than the scare tactics you printed.   Is this just another example of your “unbiased” reporting? 

Several people have tried to put letters in the paper in the past and have been turned down either because they were “too political” (your words) or they weren’t signed or most likely because they didn’t fit into your view of how things should be.  Only a few chosen people seem to have the right to use “name withheld by request.”  That seems to be reserved for your friends or those that want to slam people or groups you don’t like such as the School Board, School superintendent, BOC, etc.

TWG started several years ago. The reason was because the Monticello News either didn’t or wouldn’t report the news and what was going on in the county.  We never remember seeing anything in your paper about the grant money going to the former city manager’s rental houses, or anything about the issues with Bear Creek Reservoir, or the Magistrate never being in the office so now we have to have 2 others to help him out, or the JCWSA about to run out of money and default, or anything else that might be of real importance.  Instead we can all see if there was wreck this week or not by looking at the front page. 

Most citizens of Jasper Co. want to read about what happens at meetings, what is going to affect the people of this county, and not the editor’s opinion presented as “fact.”  We’d like to read real editorials about problems and not why your friends in positions should never be questioned.  Mostly we’d like to read everyone’s letters to the editors if you agree with them or not and if they aren’t signed we can just assume it is really you writing them.



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