July 18, 2009



Here we go again!  TWG has received emails stating that JCWSA will be speaking at the BOC work session Monday night at 5:00PM, wanting a “bail out.” 

Is it the taxpayer’s fault that JCWSA expanded further trying to create more subdivisions?  Is it the taxpayer’s fault that only 330 customers signed up with JCWSA when they estimated more like 2000 customers by 2009?  JCWSA’s goal has never been to serve “industry”—their stated purpose for coming into existence.  The purpose has been more on the lines of helping certain people make money with land deals.  
See this link: http://www.taxdogs.com/091507LandDeals.html

In February 2008, there was controversy when JCWSA wanted another hydrant tax extension.  Commissioner Bernard said at that time JCWSA was broke.  He was right.  JCWSA now has new loans as follows (from October 2008):

·         Bank of Monticello                 $22,125

·         Butts Co WSA                        $15,000

·         Comm. Resource Grp             $40,000

 JCWSA continues to pay on their “big loans” for the water lines they have run:

·         GEFA (Yancey Rd)   $124,112  (note payment of approx $1170 per month)

·         USDA       $2,245,308 (note payment of approx $10,760 per month)

See this link: http://www.taxdogs.com/020108HydrantTax.htm

If the BOC starts bailing out JCWSA now, when will it end?  After they’ve paid off all their $2.5 million worth of debt??

In May 2009 TWG reported that there were rumors that the JCWSA Chair and Executive Director were stepping down.  Many of the board members did not want to be reappointed.  According to the minutes of the annual meeting in June 2009, the same officers were elected for another term, but only after changing the term limit policy to allow it. See this link:  http://www.taxdogs.com/052709JCWSAdebt.html

JCWSA got the “hydrant tax” on the premise that it would lower home owners insurance rates.  It has not in many cases.  JCWSA is broke.  Why would the BOC even consider getting involved in this issue again?  Comm. Cox has already told people that there will not be a hydrant tax this year on the tax bills.  There are other alternatives for the people on the JCWSA lines to get water without the BOC and the taxpayers bailing out the JCWSA. 

Attend the meeting Monday night at 5PM or contact your commissioners and tell them the County can’t afford to bail out anybody’s debt.  Get their e-mail address here: http://www.taxdogs.com/commissioners.htm

“Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago.”
--Lloyd Gayton, Pike County Watchdog


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