July 11, 2009


 Did you try to attend the work session before the 6/15/09 BOC meeting concerning the P&Z ordinance?  Well, guess what?  There wasn’t one!  The County Manager apparently failed to post the meeting so the commissioners couldn’t meet without violating open meetings laws.  Why wasn’t this oversight brought up in the meeting?  The BOC didn’t even apologize to the citizens that came and had to sit around and wait an hour for the regular meeting to start.    Maybe the BOC is just plain embarrassed, and they should be!! 

How many times does the County Manager have to be asked to do things over and over and over?  Attend any meeting and you can see why.  He appears to be sleeping through most of the meeting and hasn’t a clue as to what he’s been asked to do and doesn’t seem to care.  He can’t seem to make any decisions on his own and doesn’t follow the decisions made by the BOC.  TWG has not heard one idea he’s brought to the commissioners for cutting wasteful spending and when one or two commissioners do have ideas, it appears he never implements them.  The majority of the BOC continues to allow it to happen.  Why??  Would they tolerate other employees that showed this kind of incompetent? 

Here’s the county manager ordinance which lays out his job duties. 

Here’s the county manager job description.  Please!!  Which ones does he actually do?  Don’t stop at the first page after you realize he does none of these.  Keep reading!  You can see what he is supposed to be doing but seems to be doing nothing! $90,000 of your tax money goes to pay for “this nothing”!

There’s a big budget cut for you, Commissioners!!

When is the entire BOC going to wake up and see what a disaster this county manager is? He is wreaking havoc for Jasper County.  A million dollar “error” happened last year because he allowed departments to overspend while he told the BOC that they were “under budget.”  The man’s resume says he is a CPA, but he can’t even give the BOC a correct bank balance.  At the last meeting he almost fooled the BOC by implying there was a fund balance to handle over spending.  Comm. Patrick immediately called him down and made sure everyone understood that fund balance has nothing to do with cash even though it sounds like it does.  The County Manager readily agreed it didn’t, then started his usual, “but…..”  Comm. Patrick said the only way we can handle overspending is to borrow more money and then raise taxes to pay it back.  Please, Commissioners, don’t let this man deal with any finances.  He doesn’t appear to know what he is doing!

TWG again encourages the BOC to take back the authority that is rightfully theirs and get this county back on track.  The County Manager form of government has never worked in Jasper County and the further the BOC is out of the actual decision making process the worse it has become.  The BOC needs to ask the citizens what they think about the County Manager form of government.  The people don’t really seem to be happy with it or in favor of it.  We elected the BOC, not the County Manager!  Take charge and get things done!!

If the commissioners would work together and remove the County Manager, the budget could be controlled better, and maybe the cuts wouldn't have to be as big.



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