July 6, 2011

Jack Bernard convinces all Commissioners but Patrick that Jackson Lake Rd should have first priority to all State monies


How much more money does the county plan to spend on Jackson Lake Rd?  We are talking about the half of Jackson Lake Rd from Hwy 212 to Hwy 16.  You can forget the other side because only Turtle Cove and its thousands of residents matter to Comm. Bernard who controls each and every BOC meeting.  Jackson Lake Rd has had first priority for 2009, 2010, and now 2011 road money.


Comm. Bernard had his votes lined up today and after letting Charles Hill add Aikenton Rd. (where he lives) to the current list, Jack read the list of roads to be submitted to the State for state money.  Then he said, “Jackson Lake Rd is the number one priority.”  This means that any money received from the State for roads should go to Jackson Lake Rd again. 



Every commissioner but Patrick voted for this, including Pennamon who made a big deal out of saying he thought money should be used on other roads besides Jackson Lake Rd. and it shouldn’t be the primary road at the last meeting.  He somehow changed his mind between meetings.




Other roads besides Jackson Lake Rd on the list were Marben Farms and Liberty Church added by Patrick.  Goolsby Road, Middlebrooks Road, Brazey Road, and Rock Eagle Road added by Pennamon, Aikenton Road added by Hill, and Calvin Road and Barr Bridge Road which were already on the list.  Cox added no roads.



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