July 3, 2010




If you have read our emails and watched YouTube videos of the BOC meetings you know the county has financial problems.  No matter how much 3 members try to deny it and continue to spend money the county doesn’t have.


At the February budget hearing the District 3 commissioner said everything is great, and NO millage increase will be needed in 2010 and he had the majority of the BOC agree with him.



The District 1 commissioner said we had plenty of money at the budget hearing.  District 1, 2, and 3 commissioners said the same thing at the Town Hall meeting.


The agenda of the next meeting of BOC (July 6), shows the county will be borrowing money again.  These 3 commissioners had warnings and pleas from the District 4 and the District 5 commissioner.  They were ridiculed and told everything was great in Jasper County.  No need for cuts.


The time has arrived to borrow money and YOU will be taxed to make up for the budget set by these three commissioners.  They might not listen to the other 2 commissioners but they might listen to you.  Either the budget has to be cut or you will make up the difference in more property taxes.


Here are the contact numbers for the three “we have plenty of money and don’t need to cut” commissioners:


Carl Pennamon—District 1


Phone (706)468-4900
Fax (706)468-4942
Cell (706)476-3737
Email: cpennamon@yahoo.com

Charles Hill—District 2


Home Phone (706)468-8025
Fax (706)468-1233
Cell (404)210-2785
e-mail: cdavidhill@yahoo.com


Jack Bernard—District 3


Phone (706) 468-5101
Email: bernard_jack@hotmail.com



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