July 2, 2008


 At the June 2nd BOC meeting, Comm. Yarbrough talked about County Line Road, what bad shape it was in, and wanted to do something about it if and when money is available.  Folks, this was pure political talk and every commissioner sitting there listening to this “plea” for County Line Road paving knew it.   They all knew this road was already on the LARP list.

Per the Monticello News article—6/5/08--Commissioner Yarbrough’s comments on County Line Rd.
Commissioner Bob Yarbrough said that the commissioners needed to talk about tier 2 projects--road improvement projects that will be done, funds permitting, once the 10 roads promoted by the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax are completed. He said that County Line Road is in terrible shape and wanted to be sure he had the support of the other commissioners to resurface the road. He said it could be either a tier 2 project, or funded like the commissioners voted last month to fund improvements to Jackson Lake Road.

On or about May 21, 2008 the Commissioners received a letter from the DOT listing what roads would be done under LARP in 2008.  LARP (Local Assistant Road Plan) allows the county to do repairs on the road and then the State paves the road.  It costs the county a much smaller share of money by having a road done under LARP. 

This letter from DOT was received at least a week before the BOC meeting on June 2nd.  The State set out 3 roads to be done—

  • Chickadee CourtComm. Bernard’s road which has been “the worst road in the county” per “the non-political road list” done by the County Manager over a year ago--.53 miles in Turtle Cove.
  • County Line Rd.—the road Comm. Yarbrough gave his little political speech about while all the other Commissioners sat by and never mentioned it was already going to be done under LARP so Comm. Yarbrough could look like he was really doing something.
  • Nuthatch Dr.-- .40 miles in Turtle Cove.

These new LARP roads will add another .93 miles of road paving in Turtle Cove.
People always say the reason people run for County Commissioner is to get their road paved.  That certainly has proven true with Dist 3 and Dist 4 commissioners during this term in office. Both Comm. Bernard and Comm. Johnson will have had their roads paved during their term in office.

 See DOT letter here: www.taxdogs.com/2008LARPRoads.pdf

Pictures—County Line Rd.--click pictures to enlarge



 Pictures—County work being done on Chickadee Court for LARP work to proceed


Picture--Chickadee Court before paving --is your road "this bad?"


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