June 23, 2009


 During a fiscal crisis, County and City Officials should take the lead in paying taxes.   That includes city and county employees that are paid with tax revenues.

 On January 25, 2009, TWG sent out an email about which officials still owed property taxes.  Five months later, we thought an update was in order.

 County Officials:

*      Commissioner Chair Carl Pennamon has paid his deliquent taxes in full.

*      Financial staff, HR Officer, Sharon Robinson owes 3 years of property taxes-- part of 2006 and all of 2007 and all of 2008 for a total due of $1604.36.  Mrs. Robinson’s husband also works for the county.

Why do the Commissioners allow employees to be paid with our tax dollars when the employees aren’t paying their own taxes?  Garnishments should be considered.

City Officials:

*     Councilman Bryan Standifer has paid his deliquent taxes in full.

*      City Councilwoman Molly Pompey owes 2008 property taxes of 

Special Zoning Allowed—Taxes still owed

Remember the big 900 acre rezoning so property could be developed off Highway 11 N?

Property owner William Blincoe still owes 2007 and 2008 property taxes in the amount of $56,437.09.  He owed property taxes when the BOC allowed the land to be rezoned. 

Total Taxes still due:

2005 =    $  11,347.18
2006 =        93,914.38                                     Total due = $1,458,034.38
2007 =      428,929.94
2008=       923,842.88

This includes all bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.  According to Tax Commissioner Merry Faulkner, there is nothing that can be done about some of these past due taxes. There’s a procedure that has to be watched very carefully because of the legalities. 

 If everyone paid their taxes and on time, others wouldn’t have to pay more than their fair share. 



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